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Projects in progress

I have many projects in progress...

1) "Anybody can program" book, have half of the outline for the first draft done
2) Stylometry web app, have some of the backend services done that calculate stylometry stats
a) Dictionary looker upper, reasonably complete for Merriam-Webster only
3) Blog application, just a few thoughts on paper and a few lines of code
4) Notepad, a note-keeping application, could pass for done
5) Merb Google RSS feed sample application, could pass for done
6) jQuery_merb, a javascript library bridging the gap between jQuery/javascript and merb. limited scope, but could pass for done
7) merb_solitary_part, a merb slice for hitting parts outside of "regular" requests. Needs some renaming/refactoring and some docs, but could pass for done
8 ) Kollaba, a site for finding collaborators to work on...anything. fair bit of progress on it, but probably dead.
9) merb-rails upload benchmark application, basically creating the same simple application in both versions. done enough to be used for benchmarks, at least (and yes, merb's faster).

Phew. I need to finish some stuff! But new ideas are so much more exciting...

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Mini sample merb application

Made a little sample application: http://github.com/nanodeath/merb_example_google_rss

It's already got 3 followers, which is sorta cool. It's just a little thing that makes a Google search query and RSS-izes it. Uses Haml for the templating engine, which is officially awesome.

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Merb Blog?

So this is a bit ambitious, but I want my next project to be a feather-like blog. Feather-like in that it's simple, uses Merb, and is a blog, but probably that's it. Also, extensible to the point of ridiculosity. We'll see how far that goes. I plan on having it be similar to Feather too in that it'll be open source and a learning tool, I hope.

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jquery_merb continued

So...I think, for now, I'm done with jquery_merb.


introducing…jquery_merb (sort of)

I love jQuery. I love Merb. I thought, so why not work on both? I tried this previously from the merb side with the now gone merb_multi_js plugin, which I had made a substantial amount of progress on before I killed it. It was designed to mimic rails and generate handy JavaScript for you not using Prototype.js, but whatever web framework you wanted (I of course had jQuery, Prototype.js, and I think YUI). Alas, I realized that because of some of its design principles, it would never be performance-friendly.

Enter jquery_merb, or jquery.merb.js.


Merb tutorial resumed

It's been a retarded week at work (65 hours in 6 days) but things should be lightening up a bit from here on and so I might actually get home at a reasonable hour. In any case, I'm working more on my catch-all merb guide tutorial thing and will be filling in the self-contained sections, but decided I should put off the sample application until I write it.


Granddaddy of all merb tutorials!

It's something I've started that's totally a work-in-progress, but as of right now it gets you to the "okay I have merb installed now what" point from no ruby no nothin'. I'll try to keep working on it in the coming days, but for now check it out and let me know what you think of what I do have! Note that some stuff is deliberately "first draft" and will get replaced later.


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I'm writing a plugin right now to add some built-in JS functionality to Merb. It's coming along pretty well, but is still pretty raw and not specced, though it does have SOME documentation. It's available at http://github.com/nanodeath/merb_multi_js/wikis/home. If you have questions, you're encouraged to send me a message at Freenode#merb.



In the time I have in the future, I'll try to write a couple tutorials for merbful_authentication and possibly DM (once I learn how to use it :) ). Should be fun...I think I'll upload them to merbunity.

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Merb and the edit form

This was surprisingly difficult for me, so I thought I'd pass a little along.

For the "New Idea" page, my form_for looks like this:

<% form_for(@idea, :action => url(:ideas)) do |f| %>

For my "Edit Idea" page, my form_for looks like this:

<% form_for(:idea, :action => url(:idea, @idea)) do |f| %>

I'm not sure how the heck that works out, but it does (merb 0.9.3)

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