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Accessing GM_xmlhttprequest from event handlers bound by jQuery

So I like jQuery. And I like Greasemonkey. I especially like the ability of Greasemonkey's ajax calls to go cross-domain. But how do I get access to this functionality in my event handlers? Calling GM_xmlhttprequest in a method that doesn't execute while the Greasemonkey sandbox is still alive doesn't work. At first I didn't think it was possible, but I discovered a way...using setInterval.


Google Reader Commenter script

At Esther's request, I wrote a script that lets you comment on blogs that are in your Google Reader list. Right now it only works on Blogger and WordPress blogs, but that's actually a fair number of blogs.

Requirements: Firefox, Greasemonkey Plugin

Check it out here: GitHub repository

Here's a picture: Picture


spud! greasemonkey script

I've dabbled a little in Greasemonkey, but I've yet to be inspired enough to publish something I've made. Well, I'm tempted to do so now -- it's a script to alter your experience a bit with spud!'s pages.