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Beet, Barley, and Black Soybean Soup

For fun I transcribed my girlfriend's recipe into Ruby code that could theoretically execute, given the proper support classes. No I'm not doing much today, why do you ask?

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spud! feedback #2

This time, I had an inquiry about a specific product. The product description said it was made in Eugene, OR, but the text at the bottom of the page said it was made 3000 miles away! Considering I live in Seattle, I thought there must be a bug (or is there?). The product page specifically is this one, which normally comes in a small popup. I sent an email about this discrepancy and got back a response...check it out in the full post.


spud! feedback

I wrote spud! a couple email questions recently and am posting them here in case anyone's curious about a response. The first was a general question about how spud! compares to CSAs and co-ops.

Question on the full post.