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spud! feedback #2

This time, I had an inquiry about a specific product. The product description said it was made in Eugene, OR, but the text at the bottom of the page said it was made 3000 miles away! Considering I live in Seattle, I thought there must be a bug (or is there?). The product page specifically is this one, which normally comes in a small popup. I sent an email about this discrepancy and got back a response...check it out in the full post.

My original email: 1 PM PST 6/24/08

Response: 3 PM PST 6/25/08

Hi Max,

I have talked with our buyer and I have confirmed that some of the items are made in Eugene, yet some of them come from CN. In order to ensure that we are not giving out incorrect info( ei, it’s local when it’s not), we must continue to give the miles it could potentially have traveled from CN. Our buyer is trying to work something out with the vendor to ensure that each item reflects the correct amount of miles traveled to reach our warehouse. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Best of Health!


Customer Service

spud! Seattle

Commentary: Great, but...how was I supposed to know that? It's good that they err on the "safe side" when it comes to "is it local?" but I'm sure stuff like this leaves a lot of people scratching their head.

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