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spud! greasemonkey script

I've dabbled a little in Greasemonkey, but I've yet to be inspired enough to publish something I've made. Well, I'm tempted to do so now -- it's a script to alter your experience a bit with spud!'s pages.

Feature 1) You know how it says Local, which really means <500 miles? What if you don't think that's really all that local? Isn't it a hassle to click on a bunch of links that generate popups to see how far away something actually is? I thought so too, which is why I have the following feature:


In other words, it inserts a link that, upon being clicked, will reveal in a fraction of a second how far the product actually came. I'm requiring the user to click because otherwise you have like 4 dozen AJAX requests every time you load the page -- not nice for you, spud!, or your ISP.

Feature 2) Price per unit calculations.

Before: Price ratio before script

After: Price ratio after script

As you can see, it calculates the price per ounce in these two cases. The calculations don't work across the entire website because spud! isn't that consistent, but it should work in the most common cases.

Feature 3) The third and final feature is a link that omits any entries on the page that are not local (by spud!'s standards). I'm not going to include a picture because it's not that interesting. If you want to give it a try, click here. You need a recent version of Greasemonkey installed.

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  1. So is spud! incorporating these changes? They sure make sense to me.

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