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Announcing: Ramastic, a skeleton for Ramaze

This is something I've been working on since slightly before my original call for suggestions a while back.  It's not done yet (I'd say it's somewhere around 75% done) but I want to get it out there before I totally lose steam on it.  There are a few inline styles I was planning on removing, but haven't gotten around to, so...apologies.  If you find it of use, please leave a comment.

And yes, it doesn't look that great.  But I'm expecting you to restyle everything anyway and possibly blow away the templates entirely in your instantiation of the skeleton.

Now, without further ado, here are features and screenshots:





Thanks for looking!

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  1. I don’t understand what this is. Is it meant to provide a bare-bones framework for OpenID authentication? Does it allow for creating accounts without using OpenID?

    Anyway, nice work, though the use of Haml makes it toxic for me.

  2. It’s boilerplate code for me whenever I want to start a new web project. I find that whenever I get a new idea for a site, I get bogged down in creating the first few pages, enabling authentication, getting the first few stylesheets in order, etc. This is meant to alleviate this pain for anyone interested in using the combination of technologies I’ve outlined.

    It’s not really anything special for OpenID, that’s just the method it uses for user identification/authentication. As for the second part, uh, I don’t actually remember, this was sort of a while ago :-| if I recall correctly…non-openid users would have to be something you add yourself. Not positive though.

    Sorry to hear about the haml aversion. I’m not super attached to it, but I haven’t really found anything I like a lot more.

  3. I think it’s a pretty slick package. With this, Ramaze can compete head to head with Rails as a complete package. For some users, a well selected set is important so they can get started right away. One of the problem with Ramaze now is that people are using different ORM, etc, it’s difficult for beginners to get help…

  4. I think Sequel is a great choice, it aligns with Ramaze’s philosophy such as simple, lightweight, flexible, and customizable.

    Ramastic will be awesome. Can’t wait to try the first release!

  5. Enjoyed every bit of your blog. Cool.

  6. Glad you think so! Of course, it’s more helpful as a complete package and with directions, testing, etc. It may be considered a downside to some that I used Sequel for an ORM instead of, say, ActiveRecord, but…I personally like it.

    This renewed interest is encouraging — I’ll have to pick up the pace and get back to work on it!

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