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Migrated from Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud (which is basically the same company). Should save me $10 a month! Moving databases and service configurations over is a pain, though.

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  1. I’ve been with Slicehost since the beginning and I’ve been looking at Rackspace Cloud too. I was wondering about the prices and thinking “Why the hell aren’t they the same price if they’re basically the same thing?”.

    I found out obviously the difference is Rackspace doesn’t include bandwidth in the cost, it’s pay as you go (which is great if that’s what you want). But if you add in how much bandwidth you get by default from Slicehost then the Rackspace offering cost quite a bit more.

    Just curious, were their other reasons you moved besides saving $10?

  2. Well, it really was just about the cost. Having a VPS that I keep around just for this blog and a couple other experimental things is…not cost-effective.

    Slicehost is great, but I don’t need 100 gigs of bandwidth a month — I need like, I dunno, 1 or 2. Doing the math (20 – 10.95)/0.22) suggests that you get 40 gigs of outgoing bandwidth with Rackspace for the cost of 100 gigs of bandwidth with Slicehost…but if you use less than 40 and never intend to go over 40, Rackspace is the winner ;)

    The interface is actually a bit better with Slicehost, and you have a couple more options — like NS DNS entries. But other than that they’re more or less equivalent, as you might expect.

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